Thursday, January 20, 2011

"There will be little enough to forget"

There will be little enough to forget —
The flight of crows,
A wet street,
The way the wind blows,
Moonrise: sunset:
Three words the world knows —
Little enough to forget.

From "1892 - 19—" by Archibald MacLeish.*

Figures On The Noordeinde, The Hague, Floris Arntzenius (1864-1925)

*One of the things that took me away from the blog last fall was a fiction writing workshop with Richard Bausch. It was a great experience, a gift on many levels. One of the pleasures it brought me was a renewed acquaintance with MacLeish's poetry, which I sought out after Bausch cited him as a an unjustly neglected poet. While a lot of his work doesn't seem to have held up very well, there are some beautiful pieces that shouldn't be forgotten. Check out MacLeish's Collected Poems.

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Bozo said...

So glad this blog is back ... much to remember.