Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Olfactory derangement, red dragons, etc.

I’ve been hosting the flu virus for almost a week now, and I am really ready for it to move along. So are the dogs, who can’t understand why I’m so crabby and so slow to get the food dished out every afternoon. I tell them stories about loyal pets who comfort their ailing owners with quiet affection, but I can tell they’re not buying it. They just narrow their eyes and turn their heads meaningfully toward to kibble bin. Yeah, yeah, yeah—we all got our problems. When’s dinner?

The flu has, of course, put a crimp in my plans to do more perfume reviews this week. Unlike a cold, which usually just blunts my sense of smell, the flu results in a kind of olfactory derangement. There’s a sour undercurrent to every taste and aroma, as if the whole world were slightly past its sell by date. Unfortunately, it has been my experience that this effect lingers long after the other flu symptoms have faded, so I don’t know when I’ll be getting back to the Madinis and the lovely Afteliers. Soon, I hope.

Meanwhile, I just realized this morning that I missed observing St. David's Day on Monday. Better late than never--click here for a little tale of magic and human sacrifice from Wales.

Sick girl, Gabriel Mestu, 1658-59


chayaruchama said...

Poor YOU-

I hope you'll soon be set to rights, darlin'.

stella p said...

Strange, I was posting about the Wicker man, and then you refer to human sacrifice in Wales!
Wish you become better soon, flu is not the best to have! Funny to read about how the dogs react. I have had the same kind of thoughts about our cats - and: what if I/we became ill, unable to move? recall a Hungarian film (can't remember the title just now) where the cats begin to eat the flesh of their owner..

BitterGrace said...

Stella, you make me glad I have dogs. If they ever decided to devour me, it would be over in a couple of minutes. Much better than being nibbled to death by cats!

Bozo said...

Haven't lost your sense of humor.

Julie H. Rose said...

Get well soon, my poor dear I hope you haven't got H1N1 (do you know anyone who has done? I don't!) Losing one's sense of smell even for a bit - awful!

Someone I know has a relative who has no sense of smell and he says of her that she's as cold as a rock. Interesting, no? It makes sense to me.

Your comment made me laugh, too. ". . ..niibbled to death by cats." Reminds me of when I was a kid and we'd ask each other questions like "would you rather be eaten by a lion or a tiger?"

My cat would take FOREVER, if she deigned to nibble. Her behavior towards anything but her usual fare: Walk by w/o interest. Walk by and sniff. Walk by and push around a bit. Nibble. Leave. Act uninterested. Finish (maybe) when we've left the kitchen. Deposit unfinished food items in unsuspected places.

chayaruchama said...

Love it, Julie !

Aparatchick said...

I hope you're feeling much better soon.