Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Aftelier Pink Lotus

All my longtime perfume pals know that I am a great fan of lotus fragrances. You can read tributes to a couple of my favorites here and here. So naturally when Mandy Aftel asked me which Aftelier perfumes I'd be interested in reviewing, I was quick to mention Pink Lotus. The association with Madonna made me a little wary, but I was completely wowed by Cepes and Tuberose and I was curious to know what miracle Mandy might have worked with another floral note I dearly love.

Well, I guess I do have at least one thing in common with Madonna, because Pink Lotus is definitely designed for someone who adores the flower. Mandy's creation is a powerful dose of pure, vibrant lotus, with just the right amount of smooth sandalwood for support. What makes the fragrance of the lotus blossom so compelling is its marriage of a tart, watery element with smooth, fleshy sweetness. The ideal lotus note, for me, is a perfectly balanced negotiation between those disparate qualities. Aftelier Pink Lotus comes as close to my ideal as anything I've ever sampled. Sniffing it, I feel as if I'm nestled in the flower itself, enveloped in its moist, rich olfactory aura.

Natural lotus scents occasionally have a faint whiff of muddy pond about them--something I actually enjoy as long as it doesn't become overwhelming. Pink Lotus, most of you will be happy to hear, has absolutely no hint of pond scum whatsoever. The fleshy aspect, however, does develop considerably on the skin, at least it did on mine. The late drydown of Pink Lotus is gorgeous and sexy in way that would be perfect for a hot date, maybe not so perfect for the office. And when I say "late" drydown, I do mean late--this stuff has terrific lasting power for a simple floral. I got four hours from a tiny dab.

Photo of a lotus blossom at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden by Sage Ross, via Wikimedia Commons.

You can read some interesting observations about the different varieties of lotus here.


chayaruchama said...

So glad you enjoy this one as well !

I think the pairing w/ such venerable, true Mysore sandalwood is a wonder.

BitterGrace said...

You're right, the sandalwood is really beautiful--I just got so excited about the lotus I forgot to say so!

~x~ said...

lotus i don't know and now my interest is peaked.
looking up fragrances i may already know with this note.

Skye said...

Hmmmm, this pink lotus does sound devine, and honestly Madonna's OK with me. I often feel like a Virgin and I can relate to her desire for bulging biceps. Pink lotus, sure, anything pink for me!