Sunday, December 13, 2009

Blogging the Madinis: Four Seasons

Talisman** is having their annual sale on Madini perfume oils, and Google tells me that lots of people have been hitting the archive of "Blogging the Madinis" posts, so this seems like a good time to give a quick review of one of my Madini favorites, Four Seasons. So many of the Madini florals are pushy, shrill creations (not that I don't love them) but Four Seasons is a completely demure, generic lily blend with just a touch of powder. If you enjoy the exuberance of Stargazer lilies, well, you won't find them here; nor will you find any hint of sticky (fake) muguet. Four Seasons is a very dry floral, with an unusual, almost salty character. Heady it is not. Although this may sound unappealing, trust me when I tell you that the effect is very pleasant and soothing. Anya claims she has seen it calm women in the grip of hormone-induced rage, and I don't doubt her. So far I haven't had to employ it for that purpose, but I've got a bottle and a backup, just in case.

Sicilian boy with lilies, Wilhelm von Gloeden. c. 1900 (The boy seems a little out of keeping with the character of my review, but how could I resist him?)

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Tania said...

I've taken advantage of the Madini sale, and Four Seasons is one of the oils I've ordered. It';s a blind buy, as with their prices the occasional one which doesn't appeal is not a problem! But this sounds very pleasant.

BitterGrace said...

I know what you mean--they're so cheap, I can never resist trying a new one on spec. I'd love to hear what you think of Four Seasons.

Unknown said...

M, it also immediately calmed a squawling 6m.o. baby girl. Her father's mouth dropped open in astonishment. I wafted a tissue with some FS on it under her nose, and she dropped her head on her father's shoulder, and stayed quiet. Amazing stuff. Smells pretty, too ;-)

Tania said...

Well, they arrived, and FS was the first I tried.
At first it's just a pleasant soapiness, but then the powder warms it up. It seems to wear close to the skin.
Mmmm, it's really rather pretty! No screeching here, you're right.
I like it better than some of their florals (can't get along with Henna at all). I can see myself reaching for this when I just want a calming uncomplicated floral.

BitterGrace said...

Glad you liked it Tania. Anya's right, it is amazing stuff, in its quiet way.