Monday, October 12, 2009


I am getting one of those dreaded cravings for a novel perfume. You know what I’m talking about—that aimless lust for something, anything wonderful and new. I am hoping to satisfy that craving with my sample of the new launch from Anya’s Garden. I’ve been looking forward to Moondance for months. Unfortunately, the samp seems to be taking its sweet time in the mail. Meanwhile, I have a number of beautiful and blog-worthy things friends have kindly sent that I could be enjoying—but I’m not. Instead I’ve been playing with old favorites and second stringers as if they were vials in a kid’s chemistry set. I have a defiled some of my best fragrance friends in the past week. For example:

Rochas Mystere with cheap opium oil from the flea market

Creed Tubereuse Indiana with Nemat rose oil

Hove La Plage d’Ete with Nicole Miller (just as horrible as it sounds)

Caron Muguet du Bonheur with Caswell-Massey Freesia

Arpege with Madame Rochas and Alyssa Ashley musk oil (not as horrible as it sounds)

So far, my Caron urn perfumes and vintage My Sin are safe, but if I don’t get off this kick soon, they could find themselves in some ugly company. Somebody stop me...

Alchemist, Cornelis Bega, 1663


Anonymous said...

Oh, that reminds me of a perfect partner for your vintage My Sin - Ruh Gulhab:) It is good, take my word for it.

BitterGrace said...

I don't doubt it. Rose is always a welcome addition. I'm superstitious about pairing up the My Sin, but now you've got me curious ;-)

ScentScelf said...

Oh, dear, you have been kicking around, haven't you? Just in one of those moods/places...maybe you should do a variation on werewolf protection, and just lock up anything you don't want to be sullied until after this passes. :)

BitterGrace said...

Good advice! Actually, my Caron urn perfumes and good vintage items are not out where I can see them, so they're not in immediate danger. Unfortunately, a lot of my ordinary bottles are out on open shelves, inside their original boxes. It's hard to resist experimenting with them.

Today's experiment: Kus Kus and L'Origan--not bad...

Anonymous said...

Kus Kus and L'Origan, I'd never think of that! Which L'Origan (vintage and concentration)?

BitterGrace said...

Oh, just cheapo modern L'Origan edc in the crown bottle. I have a mere drop of elderly L'Origan, and wouldn't corrupt it. I really don't mind the modern juice, though it's no equal of the old stuff.

Anonymous said...

Ha, you always surprise me:) I never smelled the modern one since I liked the elderly L'Origan
and have a bottle of EdT, that stuff is FINE. Pretty strong on it's own, so kind of hard to imaging throwing Kus Kus into that fire.