Sunday, October 25, 2009

"I watch all night..."

I watch all night and not one ghost comes forth
To take its freedom of the midnight hour.
Oh, have you no rebellion in your bones?
The very worms must scorn you where you lie,
A pallid mouldering acquiescent folk,
Meek habitants of unresented graves.

From "To the Dead in the Graveyard Underneath My Window" by Adelaide Crapsey. Read the complete poem here.

Landscape with Grave, Coffin and Owl, Caspar David Friedrich, 1836-1837.

*In honor of approaching Samhain, BitterGrace Notes will be giving the dead their due this week.


stella p said...

(love the illustration!)

BitterGrace said...

I'm thinking of making it the wallpaper for my Mac.

chayaruchama said...


Thank you.