Tuesday, July 14, 2009

One Sentence Perfume Review: Serge Noire, Serge Lutens

A sweaty lumberjack slathered with Vicks VapoRub--who wouldn't want one?

Notes per Aedes de Venustas: Incense, dark woods, cinnamon, amber, patchouli, cumin

Photo from Wikimedia Commons.


Julie H. Rose said...

I'm laughing enough to warrant more than a LOL. I've never opened my own sample of the stuff (maybe my subconscious knew I wasn't ready for this guy)!

BitterGrace said...

Open it--live dangerously. His brawny exterior hides a cuddly quality.

Anonymous said...

This is so funny! Believe it or not Serge Noir is my favorite SL.

BitterGrace said...

I believe it. SN is really a fascinating creation, and the base is much smoother and calmer than most SLs.