Wednesday, July 8, 2009

More scent made visible

Dark Earth, (c) Renyi Zhang, 2009

Renyi Zhang was working with Neil Morris' Dark Earth, one of his beautiful (but challenging) vault perfumes. If you haven't had the pleasure of sampling it, see the description at the website. I love the shifting figurative elements in this drawing. They seem to morph as I look at them. I see a face, then a torso, then two bodies entwined. There's a dynamic energy to the image that is intriguing. I think it evokes the scent very well. Dark Earth is not a static or linear perfume; it has a quiet restlessness, it evolves in the subtle way of nature. I think Renyi's drawing captures that quality.


Julie H. Rose said...

I'm under the weather, both literally an figuratively, and wish I could have just hit the "like" button, as on Facebook.

Too bad the computer can't print out a little sample of the scent while I read the post!

BitterGrace said...

Glad you like. Hope you feel better soon. And the weather improves.

(Yes, we desperately need some kind of smell-o-'net.)