Sunday, March 15, 2009

Something exquisite for Sunday

Mahler's Symphony No.5, "Adagietto," performed by the Vienna Philharmonic, Leonard Bernstein conducting.

Originally up loaded by vvozzek at Youtube


Anonymous said...

I love this movement, but I find as I grow older that I haven't the patience for Mahler. Maybe I have a sense of the shortness of time and the need for a less attenuated resolution. Or maybe my brain just tires more easily. But isn't Bernstein a marvel, certainly one of the giants of the 20th century. It was he, more than anyone, who brought Mahler back into the mainstream.

BitterGrace said...

I do understand what you mean about Mahler trying your patience. He always has tested mine, but when I am in a certain frame of mind, no music is more moving.

I actually felt a little pang of grief watching Bernstein on this clip. I wish he was still with us.

chayaruchama said...

You know my predilection for Mahler.
I sing as many of his lieder as I can- they fit me, like a glove.

BBernstein was one of a kind.