Sunday, September 21, 2008

I've got it again

Perfume lust, that is. Like most scent maniacs, my obsession wanes a little (actually, a lot) during hot weather, then returns with a vengeance with the arrival of fall. That's a good thing, mostly. After all, perfume is my vice of choice, and I want to be able to enjoy it to the fullest. Unfortunately, as with other kinds of lust, perfume desire tends to wander places you'd just as soon it didn't. So it is with my revved-up scent passion. I own a nice collection of first class perfumes, and what am I craving? The re-issue of Evening in Paris.

I despise this stuff! It's sweet, timid, sanitized and sexless. It's Peter Pan collars and angel kitsch in a bottle. It votes Republican. I bought it unsniffed at TJ Maxx and should have had the good sense to consign it to the giveaway pile after my first whiff. And why didn't I? Because my spineless inner perfume addict whined that maybe, just maybe, I'd like it someday.

And now I do.

Take my advice, children, and don't let the Devil ride. Purge your shelves of anything you wouldn't be caught dead wearing--'cause if you don't, sooner or later it will catch you.

Notes for Soir de Paris / Evening in Paris from Fragrancex: jasmine, ylang ylang, turkish rose, violet, peach, cedar, vanilla, musk, bergamot.

(You'll find a calmer new post today at Turn Outward.)


Mary said...

I love the bottle. How does the peach note hold up in the middle?

BitterGrace said...

It hangs in there pretty well on me. It's a very mellow peach.

whodat said...

Now I think I have to have it. It's the blue. It gets me every time. And I'm a green person.

chayaruchama said...

HAhahaha !
Count me in, too, biatch.

I like it myself.
[Note to self : Check own DNA...]

BitterGrace said...

Yeah, that blue bottle is alluring.

I'm a green person, too. I want something I love to come in a deep green bottle. The Eden bottle is a pretty jade, but that's not the same.