Saturday, September 13, 2008

Books, tons of 'em

I've got a review in the Scene this week of Player HateHer by Katrina Chambers and Taj Johnson-George. It's not the sort of thing I usually cover, but the authors are delightful people, and the book's basic message seems a worthy one. The review is here, but before you click over there, just let me state for the record that I, too, have been known to giggle at

By the way, I've put a permanent link to the Scene's book page just below my music selection, over there on the right. Clicking on it will take you to all the recent reviews at the paper, covering lively fare such as Clyde Edgerton's Southern Gothic comedy The Bible Salesman, and De Niro's Game, Rawi Hage's debut novel set in Beirut--plus scads more. (Interest declared: the paper wants to see evidence that book coverage draws readers to the website. Every hit on the book page is a vote for its continued existence, in a time when lots of papers are dumping book reviews altogether. So, go have a look. New reviews go up every Thursday.)

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