Sunday, June 1, 2008

"A revolt of the bland"

In reference to yesterday's smackdown among the Democrats, a brilliant friend who asked to remain anonymous wrote the following in an email:

The protests of the Clintonites seems very wrong to me. My first reaction was "these people are racists and should be called on it." That might be true, but then I started thinking about a disrupted convention, with echoes of 68, but it's different. This is a middle of the road revolt, led by people who seem disturbed by the prospect of anything too vivid or an inch off the expected path. It's a revolt of the bland.

Exactly. There's a lot more psychology than politics going on here. The Clintonites remind me of the worshipful Bushies who used to be so plentiful. Whenever they talked about their man, they'd go all glassy-eyed, clearly in love with the way he mirrored their inner frat boy, or stirred their rape fantasies. Or both. They've mostly fallen out of love with him now, but he had to build a hell of a rap sheet to make that happen.

Of course, the Obama and McCain camps are also full of true believers, they just don't have a good opportunity for acting out their passions right at the moment. It'll come, and I'm sure they will make the Clinton fans look positively rational.

Wouldn't it be nice if people were willing to put all that energy toward actually changing things, instead of just bestowing the crown on their chosen love object?

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