Friday, November 30, 2007

Home again

Glasgow was wonderful, full of good food and friendly people, and it only rained on us two days out of five. There was some decent perfume shopping, too. Who'd have guessed?

Unfortunately, I woke up on the day of departure (my birthday) in the grip of some truly nasty bug, so I was sick as a dog on the flight back and I'm only just starting to recover after a day home in bed. I'll do a full post on the trip tonight or tomorrow--as soon as I can focus long enough without going all woozy--and give you the details. I was thrilled to find samps of Anya's new scents waiting for me when we got back, so I'll be sniffing those and reporting here as soon as my nose is up to the task.

I hope all the Thanksgivers had a nice holiday. It's good to be back.

Photo from Wikimedia Commons


Perfumeshrine said...

Feel better soon and welcome back. Looking forward to your impressions from Glasgow.

Anonymous said...

Great to hear from you, lovely one!

Anonymous said...

Yay, Gracie's back! Hope you're feeling better soon.

chayaruchama said...

OOOH, I missed you !
[You, KNOW- you're lucky that you didn't come home w/ pneumonia, from Scotland...]
I'm sorry you don't feel well.
Should mama come and fix you up ?

I was thrilled when Anya told me that she sent you samps.

I'm sending you qa geschenk soon...

Happy belated b-day, sister.

BitterGrace said...

Hi, everybody, thanks for the welcome back. I am finally semi-mended, though these Scottish bugs don't give up easily.

The trip really was terrific, and I kept thinking of things you each would have enjoyed, not least the sniffing, which was more abundant than expected.

Chaya, I have no idea what qa geschenk is, but if it's from you I'm sure I'll like it.