Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Husband Dave's dream house

Dave informs me that he wants to live out his days in something like this little Hobbit house. (Yes, it's a real house in Wales, and you can read all about it here.) In theory, I am completely in favor of the idea. The big challenge will be convincing Nio it's not one big urinal.

Some bit of Dave's DNA is always jonesing for the joys of cave dwelling. When we first moved back to Tennessee from Chicago, I was the designated house hunter, and I looked pretty seriously at an earth berm house similar to this one. I never let Dave see it, because I knew he would fall madly in love with the place, even though it was so far out in the sticks we'd be lucky to get our mail delivered once a week. It would have driven us both crazy in the long run. Still, I felt a real pang a few months later when I drove by it and saw the new owners working on it. It could have been our little hole in the ground.

My own goofy dream home is an old church--not some fancy brick thing with stained glass windows, but a simple clapboard church like the one I went to as a kid. I'd leave it all open and plain as possible, just one big, austere room with lots of books. I suppose I'd have to give up wearing a pentacle around my neck, since people might get the wrong idea. But it would be worth it.

Do you have a dream house?


Anonymous said...

Lol... keep the pentacle babe! The church you described sounds just like the church I used to go to with my grandma when I was a kid. Actually, it still looks exactly the same 25-28 years later.

My hubby would also like a hobbit house. We are pretty tall though, so I am guessing our hobbit house would have to be a custom one.

As for my dream house, I would love to live in a spanish style house right on the beach.The Spanish style with the house built around the courtyard and a pool in that courtyard. Mexican paver tiles for the flooring and warm inviting colors on the wall. *sigh*

A place to build this house.... we are seriously considering Tobaggo, Trinidad. We plan to visit the area within the next 3 years to see if it's the right location for us. It's the bohemian in me. My hubby though is a bit more cosmopolitan, so there will be lots of compromise.

Fun post.


helg said...

Your dream house (the church) sounds great!
Also the Wales one looks like it got out of a Tolkien story indeed. But I guess in the place where there are a couple of families reportedly willingly living like they are still in the pre-industrial 19th century anything is possible.

Myself I have always like those cave-like white things in the volcanic rocks on Santorini island.
(click on the pics!)

I also always liked the fairy-tale little house that is just inside Kensington Garden in London (yup, actually someone does live there, they say!).

Barring those, I wouldn't feel out of place in a medieval castle. Goes with the territory.

Renee said...

I'm enchanted by the hobbit house!

My dream home is The Alhambra. (May as well dream big while I'm dreaming, eh?)

Phydeaux Speaks said...

I've visited that Welsh site many times, drooling over the pictures and the whole community thing.

I'd love to live in an underground home, off the grid - or in a simple log cabin built myself....

BitterGrace said...

Trinidad, medieval castles, the Alhambra--you guys all dream big! I can't help noticing that the subterranean life seems especially alluring to the guys. Dave, Phydeaux and Dawn's hubby all want a Hobbit house. (I could make a lame caveman joke, but I'll restrain myself.) A log cabin would be my second choice, after the church.

Mary said...

Cool house. It does look elfish. Not "Elvish" a la Tolkien, but elfish a la Keebler cookies.

My dream house has lots and lots and lots of Gothic windows and doors.

chayaruchama said...

If you DON'T want to live there with David...
It looks perfect to me.

A propos of your dream house:

When I lived in North Salem, as a teen, the postman and his VERY Irish Catholic wife lived in an old church, much like that which you describe...

She was a pistol !
They had MANY children; but when they had sex, she had to cover the stained glass windows "so the saints won't see".

Also, she was fond of the pithy riposte.
[When queried about the size of her offspring, she chortled:
"I don't feed 'em-
They stand around in horse manure a lot ".]
She was the only woman I knew who would wear a gown with gray 'fur' on the hem, and say, quite innocently, " Would ya like to feel my pussy ?"

Excuse the rambling, M.
Just a titter-de-jour.

BitterGrace said...

Oh, Mary, you nailed it--it is the Keebler elves' house. It's just that cute. Chaya, don't make any rash promises until you see what Dave's current underground home--otherwise known as his office in the basement--looks like.