Sunday, May 27, 2007

Welcome, and more Blas Falconer

Hello to everyone who knew me at the old POL blog, and to any new friends who happen to wander in. This blog will be eclectic, and probably a bit ragged until I get used to the way things work at Blogger, so please join me in keeping an open mind and low expectations.

I wrote about Blas Falconer in one of my final posts on the old blog, and I'm afraid I decamped a little too quickly for him to get the attention he deserves, so I wanted to mention him again here. Blas's emotional, imagistic poetry has haunted me ever since I read his collection A Question of Gravity and Light, which I reviewed for the Nashville Scene recently.

Blas gave me permission to post a poem in its entirety, and since the post with the gut-puncher ("The Vanishing Point") from the other blog has been consigned to the dustbin of cyberspace, here's another, very different poem. Somehow it feels appropriate to my sudden change of locale.


The storm lit the room with a blue, flourescent flash.
Even the dog stared into the darkness for some time
after, wide-eyed. In the morning, mist sprays the car
on the way to work, as tobacco barns pour sweet smoke

over the street, the pond where cows circle, and
you wonder if what could have been
was ever waiting for you
somewhere. You rest your head against the glass.

The deer dragged from the edge of the road isn't waiting
for anyone, though you look for it each day you pass.
You'd like to walk into the damp field where its legs
rise stiffly through the tall grass, the color of tall grass.


helg said...

Dear M,

thank you for letting us know where to find you. You know I appreciate your views and contribution very much.
I wish you best of luck with your new location (which looks great, btw!) and thanks for the lovely poem which surely rings true for you now...

I am looking forward to seeing you on the blog and on Perfume Isle, when you want to join, as well.

Juvy Santos said...

Mornin' Maria!

Lovely blog, and I hope to read you here :) I'm really liking this Blas Falconer dude, btw.

Whodoo said...

Blas is great, and so are you. Thanks for the poem and congrats on your new blog!

chayaruchama said...

That is a beauty !

Thank you for including me...

Here's to healing wounds.

Unknown said...

Happy to see your new space, Grace! thanks for the intro to Falconer.


BitterGrace said...

Wow, thanks for stopping by everybody. I hope I didn't just delete someone's comment in the process of trying to post mine. I'm still getting my sea legs here at Blogger.

Anyway, things are still a bit of a mess, but it's great to be in my new place. Hope you'll all feel at home, and talk back to me freely.

rockinruby said...

Welcome to the blogosphere, Maria! I'll eagerly check in as often as I can. Sent you a final PM on POL in response to yours -- let me know if you don't get it, and I'll see if I can't email it to you instead.

Here's to new adventures!

besotted said...

Hi Maria! Thank you for the poem and for inviting us to your nice-looking new digs. Big congrats to you!
Hugs - Terry xxxooo

Anonymous said...

Hi Maria,

I'm stopping by to say hello. :) Thanks for letting us know about your new blog.

:) Dawn