Saturday, March 19, 2011

"The moon has brought a shadow..."

Amidst the flowers a jug of wine
I pour alone lacking companionship.
So raising the cup I invite the Moon,
Then turn to my shadow which makes three of us.
Because the Moon does not know how to drink,
My shadow merely follows the movement of my body.
The moon has brought the shadow to keep me company a while,
The practice of mirth should keep pace with spring.
I start a song and the moon begins to reel,
I rise and dance and the shadow moves grotesquely.
While I'm still conscious let's rejoice with one another,
After I'm drunk let each one go his way.
Let us bind ourselves for ever for passionless journeyings.
Let us swear to meet again far in the Milky Way.

"Amidst the flowers a jug of wine" by Li Bai (Li Po), 8th century. Uncredited translation from China Page.

Fragrance of Spring, Ma Lin, 13th century.


Lucy said...

Yet again you have brought us exquisite beauty!

BitterGrace said...

Glad you like, Lucy. Always turn to Chinese poets for celebrations of spring and the moon.

Charna said...

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing.