Monday, October 25, 2010

Peacock, Manguel, Boldini...

Apologies for being so scattershot with my posts in recent days. Life is a full-time job lately. Since I've been away so much, I thought I'd do a multipurpose post that hits all my usual topics. Here I give you:

1. Antique smutReclining nude, Giovanni Boldini (1842-1931)

2. A link to my last piece at Chapter 16 — My interview with poet Molly Peacock is online here.

3. A mention of perfume — Since there were only a few people interested in the Enigma draw, you can all have a sample. Lisa BTB, Margi, and StellaP, please email me your addresses!

4. Something of interest off-blog — Here's a great essay by Alberto Manguel, "The Muse of Impossibility."

5. Poetry — I'll be posting my interview with Margaret Atwood tomorrow, so here's a bit of one of her poems to whet your appetite.

I watch you
watching my face
yet with the same taut curiosity
with which you might regard
a suddenly discovered part
of your own body:
a wart perhaps,

and I remember that
you said
in childhood you were
a tracer of maps
(not making but) moving
a pen or a forefinger
over the courses of the rivers,
the different colours
that mark the rise of mountains;
a memorizer
of names (to hold
these places
in their proper places)

So now you trace me
like a country’s boundary
or a strange new wrinkle in
your own wellknown skin
and I am fixed, stuck
down on the outspread map
of this room, of your mind’s continent...

From "The Circle Game" by Margaret Atwood

There, I think that covers all the bases. Back tomorrow with Atwood. Y'all enjoy your week.


Lisa BTB said...

Many thanks Maria!

Alyssa said...

Whoa! Molly Peacock AND Margaret Atwood? We should all be so lucky as to busy the way you are busy, M. I am forever grateful to Molly Peacock for writing about her decision to not have children. I have had many, many occasions to explain to others (and occasionally to myself) that, as she says, one only has to decide to have children once, but one must decide not to have them over and over again... (Still no, over here...)

BitterGrace said...

Still no here too, Alyssa...and the time for yes has passed, so no it shall remain. I admire MP so much for saying it, and say it so well. I do feel lucky to have the chance to encounter all these great writers. Keeps the mind lively...

Lisa, you're welcome--don't forget to email me your address!

BitterGrace said...

Oops, Lisa, Hotmail junked your email, but I rescued it. I'll get your samp in the mail shortly ;-)