Thursday, January 7, 2010

Chapter 16 is back

The site took a break over the holidays, but has returned with a little something for everyone. Paul Griffith has a review of Baby, Let's Play House, Alanna Nash's book on the psychosexual peculiarities of Elvis. If contemplating the King's pajama games is a little too, uh, lowbrow for you, you might try Clay Risen's interview with Helen Tate, the widow of Fugitive poet Allen Tate. Faye Jones talks to Sara Evans about her new novel, and I review An Angle of Vision, a collection of essays by women writers on their working class roots. Click over to the front page for all manner of literary news, and do be sure to check out the poetry section if you haven't already done so.

La liseuse, Jean-Jacques Henner, c.1880

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