Friday, August 14, 2009

"...Pandora, whom the Gods endow'd with all their gifts"

Here in close recess,
With flowers, garlands, and sweet-smelling herbs,
Espoused Eve deck'd first her nuptial bed,
And heav'nly quires the hymen├Žan sung,
What day the genial Angel to our sire
Brought her, in naked beauty more adorn'd,
More lovely, than Pandora, whom the Gods
Endow'd with all their gifts; and O too like
In sad event, when, to the unwiser son
Of Japhet brought by Hermes, she ensnar'd
Mankind with her fair looks, to be aveng'd
On him who had stole Jove's authentic fire.

From Book 4 of Paradise Lost.

Eva Prima Pandora, Jean Cousin the Elder, c.1550.


Mary said...

The background of that painting is gorgeous!

BitterGrace said...

You made me look at it again. Can you believe I never noticed the city in the distance? You're right, it is beautiful.