Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More excuses

I'm working on a real post, I swear, but this week has turned hectic. Aside from the usual chores, I'm trying to get ready for a violin recital, and I need to collect my thoughts (along with a lot of perfume samples) for a visit to a college drawing class on Monday. The professor knows of my One Sentence Reviews, and asked me to come do scented show and tell as a way of helping the students experiment with olfactory associations in their work. I expect this will be fun, but right now it's got me scrambling through the chaos of my collection, trying to find useful, inspiring and engagingly weird stuff to take.

Speaking of connecting the senses of sight and smell, for some reason this painting sent me to my tiny bottle of vintage Le De Givenchy. I've always loved the scent, but I never realized until today what a melancholy fragrance it is.

Self-Portrait, Caterina van Hemessen, 1548. Image from Web Gallery of Art.


stella p said...

The smell-and-tell exercises with the students sound very interesting! Good luck!
I'm also loaded with work :(, and actually must try to find some time for my violin playing, since we have a concert next Wednesday.. Have hardly time to tend my perfume interest, and in addition a pollen allergy - yes, it finally is spring! :) The snow has melted, only occasional patches left, and the Easter lilies are flowering! And all the light! and the birds singing :)I really love this part of the year!

BitterGrace said...

I hope the concert goes well. What are you playing?

It's wonderful that spring has found you. I love thinking of Easter lilies blooming when there is still snow about.

Julie H. Rose said...

That sounds wonderful! Good luck with it.

I also wanted to add that I've never seen that self-portrait. It's a gem.

BitterGrace said...

The painting was new to me as well--but a lot of things are. That WGA website has a fair amount of obscure stuff on it.

I'll do a post on the class experience. I just hope nobody falls out with an allergy attack.

PS. Thanks for commenting. Hope the hand problem subsides.