Sunday, November 16, 2008

Home sweet home

It’s been nice and quiet in the woods this week. The chilly, wet weather has kept a lot of the other hikers at home and encouraged the birds to sleep in. Gun season for deer doesn’t start until tomorrow, and muzzleloader season ended last weekend, so there hasn’t even been the sound of distant gunfire. The only commotion I’ve encountered on the trail was a squirrel that decided to bless me out this morning. I didn’t do a thing to bother him, but he still squawked at me and gave me the propeller tail. I think he was bored.

Here at our place things have not been so serene. ...(more)


ScentScelf said...

Hey...didn't get a chance to mention that a) I enjoyed your entry, and b) had a loud chuckle at the painting. Might need to incorporate into the coat of arms here on my homefront...


BitterGrace said...

Oh, is your house a critter asylum, too? (Glad you enjoyed the post.)