Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fuzzy Blue Blanket, Skye Botanicals

Okay, I know what you’re thinking: That blanket isn’t blue, and it’s made of ethically questionable material. It is plenty fuzzy, though--and it certainly seems to be making her feel all sweet and cuddly, doesn’t it? So Gaston Guedy’s Young Woman Wrapped in a Fur Blanket seems like a suitable visual for a few words on sweet and cuddly Fuzzy Blue Blanket from Skye Botanicals. When the heat index is over 100 degrees, even the word “blanket” is enough to make you feel smothered, so I’ve been hanging onto my sample of FBB, hoping the heat wave would subside at least a little bit. No such luck, but yesterday was filled with work frustrations, crabby people and uncooperative pets, and a little sniff of something that promised comfort seemed like a good idea. Here’s the report:

FBB’s introductory notes are more perky than soothing. The combination of linden flower and blue chamomile makes for a bright, sweet herbal opening, reminiscent of a morning walk in a sunny meadow. It takes a few minutes for the mellow heart notes to emerge, offering an abundance of coffee blossom and musk rose that carry FBB into the realm of comfort scent. I’m reminded a little of another fragrance with a coffee blossom note, Belle en Rykiel, but FBB completely lacks the cloying gourmand aspect that makes Belle a near-miss for me. As the base develops, musk and iris create a nice dryer sheet aura--something I usually dislike, but it really works here. The final dry down is rich and warm thanks to ambergris and vanilla, but that fresh-from-the-laundry note hangs on and does indeed evoke the feeling of being enveloped in a soft, clean blanket.

I can’t wait to try FBB again when the heat dissipates. It will be a wonderful bedtime scent on cool fall evenings. Lasts really well for a natural, too.

Young Woman Wrapped in a Fur Blanket, Gaston Guedy, early 20th century


Monica said...

Maria you sure "get" fuzzy blue blanket perfume with it's sunny meadow opening and sexy drydown... this perfume is designed to MAKE memories as well as evoke them... ♥
thanks! Monica.

plants and others said...

I heard that Monica used my Nepali chamomile for this perfume, i'm glad it turned out so nicely.

dabney said...

Monica is certainly the Mistress of Scents...she knows all their lights & shadows by heart. I'm sure she has woven a delectable warp & woof.

Michelle Smith said...

I enjoy your writing.your e-mail is not coming up for me so hope you will get this.
I love that you know about Hove perfumes and that you too are a lover of beautiful words,animals and perfume...especially older scents. I frequently get a crashing headache attempting to read through the perfume blogs..although some are good.Too much information.I would rather read a novel or some poetry.

Take a look at the beautiful short poem on under "about this blog" and the two entries in this new blog created by two published writers.


your one sentence reviews are genius!

BitterGrace said...

Monica, FBB is one of the best comfort scents I've encountered in a long time. It's always a pleasure to review such a winner!

Michelle, great blog! Thanks for the kind words about mine. So glad it gives pleasure.

Anonymous said...

Monica, I'll be ordering three of your FBB perfumes very soon! My daughters went into withdrawal when my sample was gone... It's very intoxicating to my women, and it's VERY alluring to our men!

Caryn Summers said...

The last anonymous was from me, Caryn, from The Creekside Creations. Thanks, Monica!