Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring brings many delightful things...

...and this year it brings us lovely Chaya, with a review of something new from Illuminated Perfume. Enjoy her--and your equinox, whether vernal or autumnal.

Tethys, The White Lady, and GreenWitch

Tethys (also referred to as “ The White Lady “) was wed to her brother Oceanus; her parents were Uranus and Gaia.
A Titaness of great import, she gave rise to the noble rivers, including the Nile- and approximately 3,000 daughters named the Oceanids.
During the War of the Titans, Tethys raised Hera as her godchild.

It feels very natural to synthesize the alliance of earth and water maternal configurations when reflecting on The Eternal Return.

Roxana’s inspiration comes from many sources, but Susan Cooper’s book clearly stimulated her imagination and desire to create an homage…..

Green Witch Essence :
Roxana went about the process of alchemizing a celebratory scent to herald the Vernal Equinox. Exacting, complex, unfolding itself like the petals of the lotus, Green Witch reveals several facets of what it means to be Green…

Her encyclopedic list of materials was listed previously-
So I’d like to focus on the effect, instead, and its significance.

For me, the marriage of Earth and Ocean is evident in the first breath.

Uncork the vial, and receive the kelp, the seaweed, mingling with parsley, galbanum, hints of pine, celery seed, geranium.
An ephemeral, lilting citrus accord weaves in and out, like a happy drunken sailor.

On my skin, however, the experience alters considerably; Fern is everywhere.

Lavender, spikenard, violet leaf meet the dryness of elemi , the dusty mineral quality of orris .
Cool fronds of vetiver, softly rounded patchouli and bitter oakmoss, are smoothed by fine sandalwood, tonka, beeswax, Peru balsam.
Although choya and stone tincture are present, they blend seamlessly.

Gentle florals insinuate their presence; musk is a murmur .

In the drydown, my impression is that of a gladdened, light heart-
Bearing the memory that one cannot appreciate light without having experienced

Posted by Chayaruchama


Flora said...

Chaya, I knew you would be fan of GreenWitch! I think Sea Chypre may be my new favorite perfume genre. :-)

OK, how weird is it that my word verification is "flume?"

Greg Spalenka said...

Awesome. Elegant. Poet Divine.
Beautiful commentary.

Prince Barry said...

Darling Chaya, what a fabulous review my dear. Oh how I wish I was there to smell it, but alas, miles of ocean separate us my dear.

Louise said...

Chaya-what a transporting experience reading your description was. Must Sniff This!

Mary said...

Beautiful review, Ida! Thank you.

ScentScelf said...

"...bearing the memory that one cannot appreciate light without having experienced shadow."

And happy equinox to you. :)

This is exactly the quality I find I end up seeking for this time of year...and appreciate all times of year. The earth, in-- equipoise between light and dark, heading one way or another depending if you are North or South -- still fully aware of both what is ahead of you, and what is behind.

Notes-wise, this has much potential; of course, I will need to experience the creation on my skin. Which I hope to do...encouraged by your words.

chayaruchama said...

Thank you, dear friends !

Kudos to Rox for such delicate olfactory mastery, and Greg for his depictions...

I only wish we were ALL a helluvalot closer, geographically ;-)

And thanks, above all-
To Maria.
How she tolerates my nutsy is a mystery-
AND a blessing !

Lucy said...

O fern! Exactly what I want right now! I can't wait to try, and your lovely post gives it even more atmosphere...

Perfumeshrine said...

My dearest,

thanks so much for such a poetic review and for your valuable impressions.
Isn't choya a wonderful ingredient? The unification of chypre with the sea is truly an immersion in the origins of the Cyprus island inspiration!

Scent Hive said...

Beautiful review dear Ida! Loved every word.

Much love on this Spring Equinox!

Illuminated Perfume said...

Dearest Ida, what a treasure you are! Thank you for participating and a very hearty heap of gratitude to Maria for hosting you.

tmp00 said...

So beautifully put!

Beth Schreibman Gehring said...

This is so beautiful! I treasure you ways with words.
"The marriage of ocean and earth evident in the first breath" ......My heart is too glad!

artsandscents said...

I love your writing, and the thematic is just the mytologic story about mystic and secret, devinity that makes my heart jumping... just have to try the perfume, you make me want to...

Fiordiligi said...

Thank you dearest Chaya for such a beautiful and lyrical piece. What a pleasure to read such elegant writing.

I have my doubts as to whether this fragrance would be for me, but that doesn't prevent me from enjoying your review.

Thank you!

Cat Fish said...

Chaya, this is sooo beautiful, please write MORE! :-)