Monday, September 21, 2009

More peace

As promised in yesterday's post, here is dear Chaya's review of the peace fragrance from Illuminated Perfume:

Chayaruchama's Impressions of Peace

Peace: is it a form of happy homeostasis ? A fluid “at one-ness” within and without ?

As [most likely] the eldest tribal member among us, Roxana’s contribution is dear to my unrepentant hippie heart…
No felicitous accident, this: International Peace Day intertwines with Solstice, Jewish and Ethiopian New Years, and the close of Ramadan.

Radiant Roxana refers to her labors as a symphony, built on chords. Chords, accords , essential building blocks of music and olfactory composition…
Roxy has provided us with four vials; the three with scent chords contain a mere wisp of ghostly aroma, representing the top, heart, and base notes; the fourth, a precious drop of the final orchestration.

Greg Spalenka’s image of Lotus Eve provides the devastatingly lovely and ethereal icon for this project. [Greg--devoted lover/ husband, multi-media artist- never ceases to amaze me; he somehow alchemizes spirituality, family life, and ethical, savvy business practice. The last artist who managed this feat- to my failing memory- was Peter Paul Rubens.]

My predominant impression is one of profound serenity. There is just enough of the scent to sample on the flesh; as it warms and unfurls, a significant sense of well-being unfolds with it.
It feels earthy, but not precisely of this Earth.

The top chord feels sunny, citrus, herbal, tonic- quite complex for an entrance. [A great deal of loving labor is evident !]

The heart chord is vastly different- a velvety, discreet floral woodiness floods my nose; I sense a full yet subtle fruitiness , too. [If only there were enough to allow me to “skin-test” this ! Only vapors remain in my vial…]

Base, as in foundation- combines the animal and the vegetal ; even a silvery, mineralic quality is present [often, fragrant materials- particularly ouds- possess many such facets.]

My overwhelming sense is that extremely precious woods were used , as the wraiths remaining in my vial insinuate the presence of insects and microorganisms [ouds, sandalwood- I mean you]; I can’t “rule out “ the faint use of patchouli, either.

East /West, inclusion of all worldly and otherworldly aspects, are abundantly evident in our loving couple’s labors of devotion. Symbolic and practical incorporation of all the spheres, continents, and cultures marry- very successfully, I think.

May all their efforts- and the efforts of their friends and colleagues-
Conspire to help bring about the nascence of a more global consciousness.

Many thanks are due !
To Roxana , Greg , and Beth Gehring – for so graciously inviting me to participate…I’m deeply honored, and grateful.

To Sweet Sister Maria, who generously allows my blather on Bitter Grace Notes [ and teaches me to edit myself, bless her !]

And to all those who make the time to write and read.


Illuminated Perfume said...

Ida, dear Troubadour, what a beautiful woven tapestry of words you have placed before us. Thank you so much for bringing your enormous heart and light into this group event. I'm thrilled that you enjoyed the fragrance. I'm getting the sense that you need more Peace to explore and absorb! Wafting my deepest gratitude to you and Maria.

Greg Spalenka said...

I blush! Thank you for including me in your poetic love fest of scent and prose.

Big kiss


indieperfumes said...

So happy to read your beautiful writing! Such a refined examination of the composition. You have an xray nose...

Mary said...

Brava, cara mia!

I love you and I love Gracie for posting this.

Scentman said...

Darling Ida, I joyfully drown in your lovely words! Such knowledge and love of scent rarely shine so brightly. You know how I feel about you - and please write MORE!

Love, Neil

chayaruchama said...

I'm truly blesed with exceptional friends.
You each teach me SO much....

You make all things possible ;-)

BG, how you manage to be so gracious and attempt to enlighten me, is a miracle !
[I may prove educable YET ....;-)]

Heather said...

Dear Chaya,
What a beautiful surprise to share this event with you. I owe you more than a little response, and I'm delighted to start it here with gratitude for your magical, generous spirit. I love this fragrance, and it's so interesting to hear your experience with it. Love to you, Ida.

Beth Schreibman Gehring said...

Everytime you speak I learn something. I am blessed by your precious friendship and I love you.

Trish said...


I could not agree more about the complex opening, such depth and sparkle!

So glad you were a part of this blogging event.


Miami Mark said...


What a lyrical beautiful review. I can't wait to try this.

artsandscents said...

My dear friend, you have the master in your name and in your big heart and in your writing hand too- just great
lovely smellings and peace

Perfumeshrine said...

It's always with immense pleasure that I "hear" your voice, dear I and once again your generosity of spirit has allowed us to savour your words. I hope that the new Jewish year will bring you everything you desire and most of all peace of mind, love and contentment.
And thanks to Maria for hosting the piece too!

Fiordiligi said...

My dearest Chaya

What a beautiful and lyrical piece of writing - thank you so much! Your descriptions are so evocative and exquisite and you are a true polymath.

BitterGrace said...

It's always an honor to have you on the blog, Ida. Neil's right--you should give us the benefit of your voice more ;-)

Scentabulous said...

Ida, as always ... you enchant. Your brilliance and clarity shine poetically here. Thank you for all your gifts to the world. xoxo

Serena said...

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful review. You need to start a Chaya blog! :-)

Kisses and huggs,

chayaruchama said...

It's EASY to be "inspired" when you've got great material !

And all those kind folk have your BACK ;0

Bless youz guyz...