Wednesday, February 13, 2008

One Sentence Perfume Review: Gotham, Neil Morris Fragrances

"Oh, darling, I seem to have left my purse in the cab--I guess I'll just have to go home with you tonight."

Notes from SavvyThinker: Black Pepper, Yuzu, Rose, Narcissis, Amber, Pearl Musk, Myrtlewood, Tonka absolute, Labdanum, Russian Leather, Redwood, and Ambergris.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons


chayaruchama said...

You like it !
Me, too.
Definitely a classic, in every sense of the word.

Neil pulls all the leather out, on this one;
When I wear it, it's the rosiest chypre, ever.

[I make everything smell sweet....alas.]

BitterGrace said...

I do like it--very sexy. I get lots of rose and leather, and something I could swear is vetiver, tho' that's not on the list of notes.